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About Us

L’Atelier is a wholesaler and retailer of Tunisian handmade products.   Mainly involved in women’s handmade fashion apparel and ladies’ accessories. We are proud to say that our products are lovingly handmade with premium quality raw materials in Tunisia.

L’Atelier company was established in the year 2013 by a patriotic and pioneer Tunisian woman who appreciates and loves the ancient technique and craftsmanship of Tunisian people. Our team is committed to providing the highest quality products and the highest levels customer service to all our customers.  We pride ourselves on maintaining an excellent working relationship with our suppliers to meet the challenging and evolving fashion trends market with a cost effectiveness that is transferred to our customers.


“To bring focus on our roots while spreading our creativity, uniqueness and inspiration to the world.”


“To become a leading handmade fashion retailer and distributor, offering a high- quality products and customer service while promoting Tunisian world-class handicrafts.”

How We Make the magic

Our products are the result of an alchemy between the soul and skill of the artisans, the knowledge that was passed down to them through the ages and natural materials; an alchemy that gives birth to an authentic natural look.

Our products reflect the cultural heritage of the artisans and demand knowledge, skill and good old-fashioned handwork. They tell a jealously guarded story handed down from one generation to the next, yet they do not shy from rubbing shoulders with modernity and embrace it. It is this embrace that make our products run with the times ... old, present and future.

Our products bridge generation gaps through creativity and craftsmanship. The kind of craftsmanship that men and women with a mastery of age-old techniques sourced from a rainbow of civilisations that made North Africa their home through the passing of time. Men and women who take pride in the products they create and think of them as an extension of themselves, their thoughts and their creativity. Their precision, perseverance and attention to detail withstood the test of time and the onslaught of technology. It is this unsurpassed level of craftsmanship that impregnate our products with their uniqueness.

We love the look and feel – and the potential – of our revisited classics.


Our Commitment

L’Atelier is attentive to the long-term development and preservation of traditional arts. We are supporting the Tunisian Artisans by buying from them directly. If there is no market for their products, artisans must seek alternative employment in order to support their families and loved ones. If the artisans find alternative employment, they will inevitably cease their craft. If the artisans cease their craft, their artistry and know-how will slowly fade in the ether of history and before long will forever disappear and with it a part of the the Tunisian and world cultural heritage.

L’Atelier encourages the preservation of the traditional skills by finding new markets for the products, thus infusing other cultures with a beauty previously unknown to them and in return providing artisans with a sustainable income from the skill that was passed along to them by their ancestors.

 Although it has long been accepted that the golden rule of design is to enhance and improve our lives, it should not be at the expense of others. Ethical design improves everyone’s way of life.